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{mosimage} I am a gynecologist, and I used to have many patients with menstrual problems. I noticed, that these patients with menstrual problems were permanently trouble-free after having been treated with specific frequencies. The frequency therapy usually lasted for 2 months and could be done at home with a specific frecuency generator. Even one year after the frequency treatment had been completed, these patients were without complaints.

In contrast to the classical TENS-therapy using low frequencies, this frequency method uses high frequencies which have proven to be very effective. The actual efficiency, demonstrated with dozens of successfully treated patients, has induced me to record and analyse the menstrual complaints of my patients under group study conditions. Comparative studies with other patients reconfirmed the efficiency of this kind of high-frequency-therapy.

I presented this therapy and its results during the first European Congress for Frequency Therapy which was held in Freising, Germany, on July 29, 2008. An article in the magazine „Lebens(t)räume“, No. 07/08 describes a pilot study of patients who have experienced a notably sustained recovery from their complaints.

On a pain scale of 0-10 (10 = greatest pain) the average pain registered was 7.88 before the treatment, and 2.25 at the end of the treatment. Headaches, breast tensions, dysmenorrea or painful heavy menstruation were reduced or had ceased.

The frequencies of the pains corresponded to the frequencies of the germs that had settled in the uterus wall and the uterus mucous membrane, where they caused inflammation. There were specific parasites, speciallly amebas, which up to now had not been linked to modern research with this kind of pain. A treatment of these germs up to now was not well understood. A treatment of pathogens with their own frequencies had positive results:

After a treatment of two months, the menstruation pains usually ceased permanently or completely.

Just imagine the well-known effect of the high-frequency voice of a soprano singer, who can shatter a crystal wine glass with her chant. The frequency of the chant corresponds with the frequency of the glass, and when the frequencies are identical, the glass bursts.

Similarly, a bridge can collapse if a group of soldiers would march in step over the bridge. The marching-in-step can make the bridge oscillate with its own natural frequency, and thus the bridge could cave in.
(Such case has actually happened in France in the 18th century.)

The physical explanation is as follows: A vibrating object (for example, glass or bridge) will pick up its resonant frequencies from a complex excitation (the chant, the in-step-marching) and will mechanically vibrate. If some external force induces oscillations at the frequency of the object, then the frequency amplitude of the object will expand. This is called resonance; this resonance may result in some destruction, and is thus called resonance catastrophe.
(For details see at Wikipedia: natural frequency, resonance.)

It is exactly this principle that is used by frequency therapy: The pathogen membranes are made to mechanically vibrate at their natural frequencies, and thus the germs will be shattered. A life without pain that thus follows results from an immune system that has become stronger against the pain-causing pathogens.

In this context I would like to mention the so-called TENS-therapy, the Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation. This type of frequency therapy has been used for some decades in order to treat muscle pains.

The TENS-therapy is an undirected low frequency therapy, while the therapy, which we have presented here, is a specifically tailored high frequency therapy. For this reason, the TENS-therapy most often has to be continued permanently, while this new frequency therapy usually can be discontinued after a period time.

The frequency treatment uses a frequency generator, which runs on a 9 Volt battery. This generator is connected per cable with a wristband or with adhesive electrodes, and thus the health promoting frequencies are transmitted to the patient in the so-called positive offset mode by use of electric direct current.

The generator device is handy and small and can be carried underneath or above one´s clothing; and the daily routine does not have to be interrupted. Patients do not feel pain nor strain during the treatment. There are no side effects, as no medication is applied. In the beginning, the disease symptoms may increase for a short time, but it can be assumed that this might be an expression of the effectiveness of the treatment.

The patient is treated 2 or 3 times daily. For menstruation pains, each treatment lasts 40 minutes for 2 months. After that no more therapy will be necessary. The pains usually do not come back, and the frequency device can be given on to somebody else or can be used to treat some other pain.

The specific frequency therapy succeeds with nearly all pathogens, on condition that the germ's destructive frequency is found and that other unhealthy disturbance factors are eliminated. Such factors might be cortisone therapy, low value food like dairy products and pork, also electromagnetic disturbances, and that a contaminative environment is avoided. The body has to be detoxified of environmental toxins. If the appropriate frequency instrument is used, it will work properly, and if the patient cooperates,the patient should regain his/her health again. This means, the success of the treatment does not only depend on the biophysical treatment. Diseases appear because of multiple reasons. They usually do not have only one single cause.

Presently, we use more than 3000 specific frequencies against disease- causing parasites, bacteria, funghi and viruses. Thus, side effects and risks of chemical medications can mostly be eliminated and avoided.

The therapy uses low-intensity electric frequencies, and therefore patients with heart rhythm problems are cautioned to be treated under observation of a physician only.

Currently, there have not been enough data collected to support safe results with pregnant women, therefore, for the time being, they should not be treated with this method.

Those are my conclusions on frequency therapy:

The specific frequency therapy is an enormous advance not only in the treatment of painfull mensturations but also in many other diseases.

I am convinced that not only I, but also your physician and – most importantly – you , will be satisfied with the results of this treatment. The specific application and the extremely positive results of a suitable frequency therapy, which I have utilized with more than 1,000 patients, have demonstrated the effectiveness of this kind of therapy. The results speak for themselves. As it is said: Results stand on their own merits.

Finally I would like to stress that the frequency therapy that I have presented here has not yet been accepted by orthodox medical schools. The specific frequency therapy which I have presented here, and which I have linked with the bioresonance method, is quite unique, and presently there are no other therapists who have been able to treat their patients using and combining both methods. Any treatment, naturally, is guided by medical professional ethics and all patients will be thoroughly informed about the method and its possibilities and limits.

Biophysical medicine can cure many diseases and can permanently relieve many pains, but also this method is no panacea or cure-all treatment. Therefore, I recommend not waiting until a disease has reached its final stage. Most diseases can be avoided ormrespectivelymcan be cured, if diagnosed and treated by time.

I am an allopathically trained orthodox medical doctor and I want the best possible for my patients. Additionally , I allways use the accepted orthodox medical criteria along with the latest findings of natural science, according to my knowledge and ethical beliefs.

My patients do not come only from Germany but also from abroad including the USA, South America, Belgium, Spain, Swizerland, Austria, France, Italy, Russia, Slovakia Luxembourg etc. . German laws (Heilmittelwerbegestz) do not allow to present successfull health stories on my web side.
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